Benefits Enrollment

The benefits staff would like to welcome you to Washington University School of Medicine! If you are a new fellow or trainee, your department should schedule your attendance at a Clinical Fellow Orientation session to help you learn more about your benefit choices, as well as other important information about working at the School of Medicine. 

You have 31 days following your appointment start date to enroll in certain benefit plans. Benefit-eligible clinical fellows and trainees may enroll in benefits online or by completing paper enrollment forms (links provided below). Beyond your first 31 days, enrollment is restricted to the annual Open Enrollment period (in November) or within 31 days following a qualified family status change (62 days for the birth or adoption of a child), and may require completion of a statement of health form, depending on the plan. eBenefits Online Enrollment »

If you prefer not to enroll online, you may complete the applicable benefit enrollment forms below and submit them to the Benefits Office (Box 8002 or Fax 362-2500) by no later than 31 days following your appointment start date.

Your Benefit Plan Choices
Health/Dental/Prescription Drugs/Vision Insurance

Enroll within 31 days of appointment start date or during Open Enrollment.

Clinical fellows may enroll in the university’s United HealthCare Choice Plus Point of Service Plan and/or the Advantica Dental Plan. The university has a philosophy of cost sharing for health/dental benefits. Clinical fellows who enroll in health/dental coverage through the university are reimbursed for part of the cost of their coverage. The full cost of the coverage is deducted from the fellow’s monthly check on an after-tax basis, and the fellow’s gross monthly earnings are increased by a health/dental reimbursement stipend.

Benefits for prescription drugs and vision are automatically included when you enroll in the United HealthCare Choice Plus Plan. You may enroll online or by completing the forms below. Please note that enrollment for health, dental, prescription drug and vision benefits is combined on one enrollment form:

Term Life and Accident Insurance
Enroll within 31 days of appointment start date or at any time thereafter with the submission of a Statement of Health form.

The university provides clinical fellows with free term life insurance coverage equal to one time the fellow’s annual base stipend, and free accident insurance coverage equal to four times the fellow’s annual base stipend.

Additional Coverage. Clinical fellows may purchase optional term life insurance coverage in increments of one time to four times their annual base stipend at affordable group rates through MetLife.

Optional Dependent Coverage. Clinical fellows may also purchase optional term life insurance coverage for their spouse or domestic partner, and for their dependent children (age restrictions apply). 

Premiums are paid by the fellow on an after-tax basis through payroll deduction.